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Stanley Lid Topper - Valentines heart

Stanley Lid Topper - Valentines heart

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Base Design

Introducing the Stanley Lid Topper – the perfect addition to your insulated cup experience. This ingeniously designed accessory elevates your daily hydration routine by offering a stylish and functional touch. Crafted to seamlessly slide over the straw, it nestles snugly atop your cup's cap, enhancing both aesthetics and practicality.

Designed for the modern individual who appreciates the finer details, this accessory effortlessly combines form and function. Add a personal touch to your cup with the option to customize it with your own name or nickname, or use one of our pre-sets. Express your unique style while staying hydrated on the go.

The Stanley Lid Topper is a two-layer masterpiece. Its base layer boasts two captivating options. The result? A truly personalized masterpiece that reflects your personality.

Whether you're sipping your morning cold coffee, enjoying an energizing smoothie, or quenching your thirst with an ice-cold beverage, the Stanley Lid Topper ensures you do it with style. Elevate your cup, express yourself, and make each sip an experience to remember.

Discover the perfect union of style and utility with the Stanley Lid Topper – because every sip deserves a touch of personal flair.


***This product is meant for Stanley branded cups; H2.0 version, size 40 oz***

***This item should be a snug fit on most cups, we do not guarantee the item will not slide off or become less snug over time***



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Do NOT wash in a dishwashing machine. Rinse with warm water or wipe with a wet cloth, use a mild soap.

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