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Leather Patches

Leather Patches

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These rectangular (2 inch by 3 inch) leather patches engrave beautifully!
With a smooth to the touch finish, each patch also includes a stitched border with a matching color to give it an extra shine and pop. Also includes heat activated adhesive on the back.

We offer these in sets of 10 for each color and also a sample pack that includes 2 of each color (while colors are in stock).

Color options are:
(A01) Light Brown
(A02) Grey
(A03) Dark Brown
(A04) Tan
(A05) Brown

A few things to note, which may help when choosing colors:
- The light Brown does have the lightest engrave. It is still noticeable but still worth mentioning compared to the others.
- Brown and Grey have the darkest engraves. Making it easier to read and notice.
- Brown has a more 'slick' or 'slippery' finish to it (finger slides over it easier), compared to the others.

Each color has been tested on a Glowforge Pro Laser.
We have found settings near 1000 speed/50 power to work great.

We have had no issues attaching to all types of hats so far.
We have found settings with a hat heat press of 280F @ 15 seconds after a quick preheat of the hat. We'd also recommend using a cover between patch and heat press face.

Please reach out with any questions and we are happy to help!


Faux Leather

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We do our best to match the color swatches accurately on all our products. Product colors seen in pictures or swatches on your screen vs the actual product may vary due to technology differences.

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