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Double-Layer Name Keychain

Double-Layer Name Keychain

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Introducing our personalized Double-Layer Name Keychain, the perfect blend of personalization and practicality for kids and adults alike. Elevate your everyday accessories with a touch of individuality that's both stylish and functional.

At the heart of this keychain is the top layer, featuring your name in elegant white. Your name takes center stage, making a bold statement that's uniquely yours. Whether it's your name, a loved one's name, or a special word, this keychain adds a personal touch to your belongings that stands out.

Beneath the top layer, you'll discover the second layer that not only complements your name but also serves a vital purpose. It's ingeniously designed with an offset of your name and a small keychain hole and included connector, making it incredibly convenient to attach to your keys, backpack, purse, or key lanyard.

Express your style further by choosing from three stunning bottom layer options: the sleek and clear layer for a minimalist look, the vibrant multi-color dots for a playful touch, or the regal purple for a touch of elegance.

Measuring at approximately 3.75 inches in width and 1.75 inches in height, our personalized Double-Layer Name Keychain is the perfect size to add flair to your accessories without overwhelming them.

Whether it's a charming addition to your child's backpack, a chic embellishment for your purse, or a practical addition to your keychain, this keychain is the ultimate blend of style and utility. Make a statement that's uniquely you and elevate your accessories with the personalized Double-Layer Name Keychain. Your name, your style, your keychain – because personalization never looked this good.



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About 3.75 inches x 1.75 inches

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