Acquire (Board Game) Replacement Components

Last edited/reviewed 9/2/2023

These items tend to be time consuming to make so we try to help you save by allowing yourself to make the finishing touches (cuts/paint)!

Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the replacement components we offer for the long time favorite board game, Acquire. All game components seen here are based on the early versions (circa 1960s) in terms of sizes, prints, styles, and colors. These components are meant as replacement parts, but the entire game can be pieced together. Only thing not offered is a box or the directions! Each component should be interchangeable with old game sets (i.e. if you only need a new set of tiles, they should fit in an older board).


We intend to produce as many as quickly as possible, but depending on the volume of orders there many be a couple weeks wait time. We will do our best to communicate this when ordering. Materials for the board and tiles will be ordered every 2 weeks, if you would like to receive hotel cards, game money, and/or tile holders as soon as possible please place them in a separate order and you will receive them faster.

Continue reading for more details and direct links to specific components or navigate to the dedicated collection and explore for yourself! 

Tile Board (link)

The replacement tile board is compact with 108 square spaces in a rectangular array. It is made in 3 layers.

  • bottom layer is 1/4" clear acrylic to help stabilize the board
  • middle layer is 1/4" wood (either Walnut or Sapele) that has the tile location engravings
  • top layer is 1/16" clear acrylic, which creates a small edge to hold tiles firmly in place

Tiles (link)

The replacement tiles are 108 sequenced square tiles corresponding to the spaces on the board made of 1/4" black or white acrylic. Each tile is engraved with the number/letter position which is then hand painted to give the colored infill. Along with 7 different colored acrylic markers, representing different hotel chains. Each set of tiles come in a large (8x11") black nylon draw string bag.

Hotel Cards (link)

Available are 25 shares of stock for each of the seven hotel chains. Along with 4 reference cards listing the market prices of shares of the chains at any given point in the game. Each card is made from premium paper and printed in-home. Each card is then laminated, cut to size, and corners rounded.

Play Money (link)

A supply of play money, containing (40) $5000 Bills, (60) $1000 Bills, (40) $500 Bills, & (40) $100 Bills. These are also printed and cut in-home.

Tile Holders (link)

Also available are wooden tile holders, much like the ones seen in the game of Scrabble. Perfect for holding a set of tiles that makes up a player's 'hand' during a game.